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Backpacking from scratch

Most of you will agree in that travelling around the world is an enriching experience. Also, it is trendy and it seems if you don´t travel you are not a world citizen... But can happen that you are wanting to do it, only it is not the time (becasue you don´t have enough money, free time, the correct companion...). I have always had that sensation of having lot of places to see yet, but no way to visit them. Until the moment I got fed up of waiting to the correct circumstances and I decided to do what I wanted in the only way I could afford: backpacking low-cost at my own.

In this blog I tell you my experiences travelling, with the idea of give useful information to someone planning to do the same. It is true that this trips can be done with less money, because the idea behind is travelling with low budget but not having to sleep in the streets... But I hope to tune this in the future with more practice. The important thing, to take the first step, gain courage to be able to travel at my own, is already done. If you are still hesitating, continue reading! And get ready the backpack! ;-)